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Maternity Clothes – Money Saving Ideas

Maternity clothes are worn for a limited time and some can be quite expensive. You don’t need to break the bank to look great throughout your pregnancy. Here are some things you can do to save money and build a nice wardrobe...

by Patricia Hughes

pregnant woman thinkingThere are two schools of thought about maternity clothes. Some women feel they are a waste of money. These women often buy one or two things and spend the rest of the time in sweats and their husbands’ shirts. Others feel that pregnancy is a beautiful time and they want to enjoy shopping for clothes and dressing with style. These women often feel the investment is worth it.

A great number of women fall in between these two extremes. We want to look nice, but don’t want to spend a fortune. After all, maternity clothing are worn for a limited time and some can be quite expensive. You don’t need to break the bank to look great throughout your pregnancy. There are some things you can do to save money and build a nice wardrobe.

One way to save money is to extend the time they can be worn. Pregnant women often find pants challenging. Your belly expands a bit and your regular pants don’t fit. You buy maternity pants and they are too loose at first, at least until your belly gets even larger. There are alternatives to three wardrobes, pre pregnancy, early pregnancy and later pregnancy.

There are a few products on the market that are made to address these concerns. These are bands that go around the belly. The band can be used to tighten maternity pants that are too loose. It can also be used to hold pants that can no longer be buttoned. The band is a great way to get over that hump when your regular clothes don’t fit and maternity clothes are still a bit too roomy.

Eventually you are going to need new clothes. You can only stretch it out so long. Consider your lifestyle and the type of clothing you need. Do you work outside the home? What type of dress is required? Do you go to church or out to dinner frequently and need some nice outfits for these activities? Once you know what you need, you can start building your wardrobe.

One money saving idea is to purchase separates, rather than outfits. Two pairs of pants, a skirt and three shirts can create nine different outfits, as long as the colors coordinate. If you shop sales, you can get nice separates for the price of two or three dresses. You will have a lot more flexibility and wardrobe options for less money.

You can share maternity clothes with a friend or relative. I did this with my sister in law. With each baby, we shared what we had and added some new things. When the next baby was on the way, we’d pass the clothes to each other. It was like having twice as many clothes and since they were shared, the money seemed more worth the investment.

When you are shopping for clothes, do some comparison shopping. Online stores open a whole new world of comparison shopping. You can find great deals and clearance prices if you spend some time looking. Some online retailers will offer free shipping on orders over a set amount of money. This saves you even more money.

Don’t feel guilty about splurging on a great dress or nice clothes for work. The practical side of your brain tells you that the clothes won’t be worn for long, so why waste the money? While this is true, you do need clothes that fit, are comfortable and are appropriate for your work or lifestyle. Besides, pregnant women need and deserve to be pampered a bit. If shopping for clothes makes you happy, go for it.

Patricia Hughes is a freelance writer and mother of four. Patricia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University. She has written extensively on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and breastfeeding. In addition, she has written about home décor and travel.

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