Changes in the Eight Month of Pregnancy

little toddler hugging pregnant mommyThe baby’s body continues to develop and prepare for birth. The bones are getting stronger. The brain and nerves continue to develop. This development will continue after the baby is born. The bone marrow is producing red blood cells this month. Your baby is nearly ready to be born. If he were born this month, he has a good chance for survival. Here are a few things you can expect and plan for during the eight month of your pregnancy.

The fetus is more sensitive to light and sound. The pupils in his eyes dilate in response to light. He opens and closes his eyes frequently. Hair is growing on the head. The finger nails have reached the end of the finger tips. The baby has taste buds developed. He can taste sweet and sour in the fluid. He hiccups and cries by the end of the month.

After 32 weeks, you will have doctor’s visits every other week. This allows the doctor to monitor the baby to help prevent complications. These visits will be similar to the other visits. The doctor will check the baby’s heart rate and will measure the fundal height. The position of the baby will be checked to be sure he is in the head down position.

Bring a list of questions to ask the doctor about labor and birth. Discuss your birth plan and make any changes. Give a copy of the plan to the doctor and the hospital. Be sure to pack a copy in your hospital bag, just in case. Go over the details of the plan with your labor coach to make sure your needs are understood.

During the eight month of pregnancy you will be feeling regular, strong movements. You will begin to feel bony parts, such as heels, knees and elbows sticking out periodically. As the baby pushes up on your lungs, you may feel short of breath. This is normal and will get better as the baby drops into position for birth.

Labor day, forgive the pun, is approaching quickly. You may begin to feel nervous or fearful about the birth at this stage of your pregnancy. Talking can help calm these fears. Find a family member or friend who has had a baby to talk with about your fears. We all know mothers who love to share horror stories with pregnant women. This is not the person to choose. Talk to someone who had a positive birth experience. She will help build your confidence in your ability to give birth if this is your fist time.

If this is not your first baby, begin to prepare your older child. Some hospitals offer sibling classes. Ask your doctor or call the hospital to inquire about these classes. They can be a great way to prepare your child. Classes cover the basics of new born care. A video is often shown of a new baby.

Sometimes the classes include a tour of the maternity floor. Your child will get to see where you will be staying when you have the baby. The tour usually includes a birth room and an empty patient room. They may get to peek in the nursery window and see a newborn baby. Visiting the maternity floor can make your child feel less anxious when you have to leave for the hospital.

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