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Pregnancy and Childbirth: The Final Weeks

Your in your 9th month of pregnancy and about ready for childbirth. Are you starting to feel a little nervous? Your babies arrival is just around the corner. Here are some common things you may be feeling, what you may be doing and thinking about.

9 months pregnant and ready for childbirthAre you starting to feel a little nervous? Don't worry, that is a common feeling. You have waited so many months for the arrival of your baby. It is very natural that your anticipation is building during these final weeks of pregnancy and the birth of your new little bundle of joy! Unfortunately, those last few weeks can feel like the longest part of your forty week term.

You might be feeling more than ready for the pregnancy to be over and you are probably at least a little apprehensive about the birth process. You can take comfort in knowing that all moms go through this impatience to some extent, and it is not unusual you are anxious to move on to the next phase of motherhood. We hope you will continue to visit us here in our baby or parenting sections of our site.

Here are some of what you may be feeling in these last weeks:

There are many symptoms that begin to accompany your final weeks of [tag-cat]pregnancy[/tag-cat] before childbirth occurs. Perhaps you will notice that you are running for the bathroom more often, or that  you may find it hard to sleep, both from the discomfort of your now large abdomen and the excitement of what is to come. Other things you may notice are leg cramps, back pain and frequent heartburn.

The good news is that you will not have to suffer from these issues for very long. Once you come to the end of the pregnancy, and give birth, you will probably not have to deal with most of these problems again. At least, not until you decide to ride the pregnancy roller coaster again!

As you approach labor, you may see signs that things are happening with your body. You may feel a nesting instinct to prepare your home and [tag-ice]nursery[/tag-ice] for your new arrival. You may have an increase in appetite or a weight loss. If you experience the loss of the mucous plug prior to labor pains, you might find a bloody show when you go to the bathroom. These are all signs that your long wait will soon be over and you will reap the rewards.

What you should be doing:

These last few weeks are the time to get really serious about final preparations for your baby. While you have hopefully enjoyed the pregnancy and awaiting the birth experience, a newborn will require plenty of equipment and knowledge that you will need to stockpile ahead of time. In addition to getting the nursery in order, you can make a birth plan for the hospital, pack a [tag-tec]hospital bag[/tag-tec], and take birthing classes. For busy moms, there is even the option of taking pregnancy and birth classes online.

Despite the discomfort and apprehension you might be experiencing, try to take the time to enjoy your pregnancy and birth of your baby. It will definitely stand out in your mind and heart as one of the most significant events you will ever have the joy of experiencing.

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