Best Pregnancy Websites

If you try and Google "pregnancy" , you will find over 117,000,000 search results! So which websites will have the pregnancy and childbirth information you need? Here is a list of 25 of the best pregnancy websites chocked full of information and resources....
by Patricia Hughes
pregnant women exploring the internet from her laptopWhen a woman becomes pregnant she can be both excited and a little frightened at the same time. There will be many changes happening over the next 9 months, and this is only the start of an amazing journey. Luckily we have the internet as a pregnancy resource in addition to our friends, family, books, and other helps! But the internet can be a little overwhelming too. If you Google “pregnancy”, you will find over 117,000,000 search results! So which websites will have the information you need? Here is a condensed list of what we believe are the top 25 pregnancy websites every woman should visit. They are jammed packed with information and resources. As we find or hear about more great ones we will add it to the list, so stop back. Now here is the list:

Top Pregnancy Websites

This is the website for Fit Pregnancy magazine. You will find information related to prenatal fitness, nutrition and recipes. Articles topics include pregnancy, new moms, baby, fitness and style. There is a tool to calculate ovulation when trying to conceive. You can create a pregnancy calendar by entering your due date. This offers a week by week guide to your pregnancy and your baby’s development. Eating healthy is always a concern. The recipe finder tool can be used to search for recipes for all meals, desserts, appetizers and vegetarian dishes.
Visitors can sign up for a free newsletter, and other promotions on the site. Fit Pregnancy Club newsletters are offered on topics such as strength training, yoga/pilates, walking, swimming and post natal abdominal workouts as well as quick workouts. Enter your email address; due date and check your fitness interests to receive the newsletters.
This website has a wide range of resources for expectant parents. There are articles about fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and baby related topics.  Browse the site and read articles to learn about current topics. To access certain areas, such as bulletin boards and video resources you will need to join. It is easy to register. The ask the experts feature allows users to ask questions of experts in areas such as fitness, lactation consultant, midwife and nutritionist.
Watch free health videos in the video library. Pregnancy topics include amniocentesis, ultrasound, preparing for the birth. There are eight subcategories for videos. Talk with other moms to be on bulletin boards and in live chats. There are tools basal body temperature charting for trying to conceive, a pregnancy calendar and a database of baby names.
This is the website for Mothering Magazine. Mothering is a magazine devoted to natural family living that frequently covers topics related to birth. If you are planning a natural, drug free birth, this site may be for you. Mothers to be that are planning natural births or a birth outside of the typical hospital setting will find support and information here. Browse the articles in archives from past issues of Mothering Magazine.
On this site you will find recipes, information on nutrition, pregnancy and birth. Join the community to get involved in discussions on a large number of message boards, many devoted to subjects surrounding pregnancy, birth, home births and more. The site continues to have value as your family grows. There is a lot of breastfeeding information and support here. The site and magazine covers a range of timely issues related to the environment, nutrition and health that are relevant to families with kids of all ages.
This is the site of the famous family of pediatricians. Dr. Bill is the author of dozens of parenting books, many along with wife Martha, a registered nurse. Dr. Bill is a renowned expert on issues such as pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. His two sons Dr Bob and Dr Jim have joined the practice and are following in the parenting advice footsteps of their father.
The site offers health advice related to pregnancy and childbirth. The doctors are very breastfeeding friendly. There is great information for new mothers planning to breastfeed their babies. Browse the collection of pregnancy articles by stage of pregnancy. Articles are listed alphabetically in an index too. You will also find a wide variety of health and infant care topics that will be valuable after the baby is born.
This site has a collection of articles related to pregnancy, babies and toddlers. You will have to join to enjoy the member benefits offered on the site. Once you join, the start page you will see contains personalized information based on your due date. There is information about upcoming doctor visits and your baby’s development for each week. You can sign up for a free weekly newsletter with information about fetal development and pregnancy. The material in the newsletter is based on the current week of your pregnancy.
Document your pregnancy with a personal journal or calendar. You can upload images to share with friends and family. Members have the opportunity to connect with other moms in the Birth Club, which is based on the month your baby is expected to be born. It is helpful to talk with other women who are experiencing the same pregnancy symptoms at the same time.
This is the website of American Baby, Parents and Family Circle magazines. There are articles and expert advice on topics ranging from trying to conceive and infertility to pregnancy and childbirth. The tools such as a pregnancy tracker and financial calculator to determine the feasibility of staying home with your baby are fun features.
There is an online community with forums devoted to a variety of topics. In pregnancy, there are due in clubs where you can connect with other women that are due around the time your baby will be born. There are forums for a range of different topics including getting pregnant, trying to conceive over 40, expecting over the age of 35 and multiple pregnancies.
Fun tools on this site include a due date calculator and online pregnancy test. This asks you to enter the date of your last menstrual period, when you think you got pregnant and answer a few questions about symptoms and the birth control method you are using. Based on your answers, you get a personalized pregnancy report that gives a percentage of the chance of pregnancy and the number of weeks of the pregnancy, if you are pregnant. Of course, they recommend a pregnancy test and this quiz isn’t very scientific, but it is a fun tool while you are waiting to take the real test.
This site has articles on topics such as getting pregnant, problems in pregnancy, pregnancy loss, cord blood banking and more. You can browse the articles by topic or use the search feature located at the top of the page. For more information, you can sign up for one or more of the six free e-mail newsletters the site offers, including week by week, weight gain, fertility, sex and pregnancy and exercise and nutrition. These weekly newsletters are sent to members via e-mail.
WebMD is a popular site with information on a wide range of health related topics and issues. The site has a section devoted to issues surrounding conception, infertility, pregnancy, health issues in pregnancy and child birth. There is also good information on post partum depression and breastfeeding that is useful to mothers after the baby is born. A disclaimer on the site reminds visitors that the content is not intended to be used as medical advice or a substitute for medical care.
This website has an extensive collection of articles on every possible topic related to health in pregnancy. You can browse the articles by topic or check out the current top 12 popular topics for other visitors to the site. WebMD has a video library with topics relating to pregnancy, conception, birth and other topics that relate to the health of the mother and baby. is owned by The New York Times and is one of the largest websites producing original content on the internet. The site has over 600 guides with comprehensive information on a wide range of topics and issues. The pregnancy section contains articles about pregnancy and tools for finding fertility clinics and a pregnancy calendar.
During pregnancy, you will be buying gear for your baby or registering for items for your baby shower. This website has buyer’s guides for the most common baby gear to help make your shopping a little easier. The quizzes on this site are popular with visitors. Try the Am I Pregnant quiz or the Boy or Girl quiz.
The International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) is a non profit organization that is dedicated to informing women about birth in an effort to reduce the rate of c section births that are not medically necessary. ICAN provides information on the risks and benefits of c section to help women make informed decisions regarding their births.
ICAN is a good resource for women wanting to avoid an initial c section. It is an invaluable resource for women wishing to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). The site offers valuable information about c section births as well as additional resources. You can use the links on the left side of the page to find your local ICAN chapter or a professional in your area. This information is accessed by clicking on your state on a map on the ICAN professionals page.
Baby wearing is an ancient method of child care that modern mothers are rediscovering. Throughout human history, baby went with mommy everywhere she went. The baby was worn in a sling or similar device to allow the mother the freedom to perform her daily tasks while caring for her baby at the same time. If you are considering wearing your new baby, the time to start learning is during pregnancy.
This site offers valuable information about baby wearing. There are articles and links to nearly every kind of baby carrier on the market. Reading these articles will help you determine which product will best meet the needs of your family. There are even links to patterns and instructions to make your own baby carrier. This site also contains forums where you can get tips from other parents when it comes time to use the carrier with your baby.
This is a parenting website that has information organized into stages. You can browse the stages from the left hand column on the home page. The stages include getting pregnant, pregnancy, baby, toddler, preschooler, big kid and you and your family. You will find informative articles for each stage of your child’s life from conception through the childhood years.
There are forums devoted to pregnancy for users to communicate with other expectant parents. When you register with the site and sign up for the free newsletter, you will be asked to enter your due date. The articles in your newsletter will be relevant to your week of pregnancy. Try some of the fun tools on the site, such as the due date calculator, ovulation calculator and a tool to estimate your weight gain during your pregnancy.
A large portion of this site is dedicated to breastfeeding. If you intend to breastfeed your new baby, you will need good resources. This website has great information about getting started, finding the help you need, medications and other common concerns for new moms. The best time to start reading through this information is when you are still pregnant to build your knowledge before the baby arrives.
The kellymom site has a message board in the forums for pregnant women. You will also find articles on nutrition in pregnancy and beyond, for both you and baby. There are articles and resources for pregnant women who are nursing an older baby or toddler during pregnancy.
This is one of the largest websites devoted to connecting women at various stages of life. There is something in this community for every user. The pregnancy and parenting section offers fun tools such as a pregnancy calendar to track your pregnancy week by week. If you haven’t chosen a name for your little one yet, the baby name finder is a great place to look for ideas. A fetal image slideshow gives you a glimpse at your baby’s development in each stage of your pregnancy.
When you register with the site, you will be able to access the forums in the community. There are Expectant Clubs for each month that you can join. In these clubs you will connect with mothers that are due in the same month. This site also has a collection of articles on many topics related to pregnancy, conception and birth. The recipe section is a good place to look for healthy meal planning ideas.
Childbirth Connection is a national non profit organization that is dedicated to helping women make informed decisions regarding childbirth. The organization was founded in 1918 to improve the quality of medical care to women. The articles, information and programs offered by the organization are intended to help improve knowledge about effective maternity care.
In addition to articles based on scientific research into the best practices for maternity care, you will find information on the programs offered by Childbirth Connection. These programs include the Cesarean Alert Initiative, which is an in depth review of the current research on c section births. There are tips to help mothers avoid unnecessary c sections. Other programs include Listening to Mothers Initiative, Labor Pain Initiative and Labor Support Initiative.
This site features articles and resources on topics related to conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. You can browse 18 topics, including breastfeeding, pregnancy and baby names. Navigating the site is easy. The topics are listed on the right side of the page, with links to click to take you to each topic. There are also links to recently posted articles, which makes it easy to find new content on return visits to the site.
Links at the top of the page take you to other areas of the site. These are also dedicated to topics related to pregnancy, birth and babies. The site features parenting resources and gift ideas for kids. Browse the unique selection of personalized gifts for your baby.
Just Mommies covers a large assortment of topics relating to pregnancy and getting pregnant. On this site you will find a collection of articles, message boards, chats and tools for pregnancy and conception. The articles can be browsed by topic or in an alphabetical listing. There is a section devoted to finding the perfect name for your little one.
This site has a collection of useful tools for women trying to conceive. There is information on how to get started with charting and BBT charts that can be printed for use at home. There are tools for pregnancy including a due date calculator and pregnancy calculator. The site has quizzes to predict your labor, the baby’s gender and his personality as a newborn.
The philosophy of this website is that birth is a natural process. In the pregnancy topic, you will find basic pregnancy information along with articles about complications, testing and exercise during pregnancy. A weekly pregnancy calendar gives you a glimpse at your baby’s development from week to week.
This website is a good choice for women who intend to have a drug free birth experience. In the labor section, you will find information and articles about making choices you’re your birth and creating a birth plan. There are articles about choices in birth, pain relief methods and links to other resources for labor and birth.
The labor of love offers a large collection of articles on nearly every topic related to pregnancy. Video clips and articles can be viewed on the website in several subcategories. Some of the categories include pregnancy basics, planning for pregnancy, complications, labor and delivery and current topics in pregnancy. The fertility health library contains articles about infertility and treatment options.
The Labor of Love offers users the opportunity to create journals for trying to conceive and pregnancy. There are also journals for parenting in every stage of the child’s life. Other fun things to do on this site include a due date calculator, Chinese gender prediction chart, online gender prediction tool, interactive pregnancy calendar and baby name finder.
This website offers information on fertility issues, pregnancy and childbirth and women’s health. You will find articles and video clips on many pregnancy related topics. The newest articles are listed in the middle of the page in the new topics section. New articles are listed in both the trying to conceive and pregnancy topics on the home page.
This site has free pregnancy related tools for users. The birth plan tool makes creating your birth plan easy. You just enter your preferences in each section and the tool generates a birth plan for you based on the information you enter. Other tools include the ovulation calculator, due date calculator and gender predictor. This site also has a collection of ultrasound, 3D ultrasound and other images to browse.
This website is devoted to conception, pregnancy and birth. There is also a section devoted to information about your baby’s first year. To use some of the tools and special features of the website, you will need to become a member. The benefits for members include access to discussion forums, baby albums, calendars and tools to create your own birth announcements after the baby is born.
The Mother’s Best Friends section is located on the right side of the page and has a listing of the tools and special features of this website. The gift wish list allows you to create a wish list for your baby shower from the comfort of your home. The list can be sent via email to family and friends. There is a space on the list for friends to leave personal messages.
This website is devoted to plus size mothers to be. Their slogan is “Honest, accurate information without scare tactics or judgment with real stories from real big moms.” The purpose of the site is to provide accurate information about pregnancy and obesity, offer proactive strategies, present positive stories from real women and empower women to make educated decisions regarding health care. At first glance, the site would appear to be only for women of size. This is not the case. The site is designed for women of all sizes.
This website has information on preparing for pregnancy that is pertinent to women of all sizes and body types. The fertility concerns section addresses issues that are specific to larger women. The site addresses the risks associated with plus size pregnancy and how these can be mitigated or managed. There is also information on finding a size friendly health care provider. All information on this site is provided in an informative, non judgmental tone.
This website is sponsored by the National Women’s Health Resource Center. The information here is related to health topics in pregnancy, rather than general pregnancy information. The topics here include diagnosis, treatment, prevention and questions to ask. If you are facing a complication during pregnancy or have a chronic health condition that is of concern, the information on this site will be valuable.
This site has a few good features, including a quiz to test your knowledge on health in pregnancy. This quiz dispels some common myths and assesses how much you know about pregnancy. The lifestyle tips offer suggestions for improving your general health for the benefit of you and your baby. There is also a list of questions to ask and issues to discuss with your health care provider. You can order a free copy of the National Women’s Health Report: Women and Pregnancy by filling out an online order form.
This site was originally devoted to pregnancy and babies. The site has expanded over the years to include topics such as fertility, toddlers, older kids and teens. A good portion of the information on the site is related to pregnancy and fertility issues. The fertility section includes tips and information about the science behind getting pregnant. The articles dispel myths and offer suggestions for getting pregnant.
The site has an extensive collection of articles. These are divided into sections for preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum articles. There is a section devoted to articles dealing with pregnancy loss through miscarriage or stillbirth. Recent additions are easily located with the word NEW in bold red letters next to the title of the article. There is a section on the left with links to new articles and favorites of the site’s visitors.
Water birth is growing in popularity and offers many benefits to both the mother and her baby. If you are considering a water birth for this pregnancy or are just curious, visit this website. Waterbirth International has the vision of making this option available to all women. The site offers information on the benefits of water birth as part of a gentle birth experience for mother and baby.
Browse the articles for information on water birth and read the birth stories of real women. There are waterbirth stories told by both mothers and fathers. If you are planning a water birth and need to purchase accessories, books or even a birth pool, the site has an online store that carries these items. Pools can be rented on this site for use in home births.
We hope this list helps. Feel free to go to the bottom of this page and if your favorite pregnancy website is not on the list let everyone know what it is, and why.

Patricia Hughes is a freelance writer and mother of four. Patricia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University. She has written extensively on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and breastfeeding. In addition, she has written about home décor and travel.

No part of this article may be copied or reproduced in any form without the express permission of More4Kids Inc © 2007 All Rights Reserved
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