Enjoying Pregnancy Over the Holidays

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by Lori Ramsey

The holidays can be a hectic time of year for everyone. We feel the need to rush to decorate, shop, wrap gifts, cook, and plan and attend holiday events. Regardless of what’s going on around you, as a pregnant mom, you deserve to take this holiday nice and slow. Relax and enjoy the journey. Next holiday season, you’ll have a baby to care for so relish in the ability to rest now. You can blame pregnancy hormones if you feel extra stressed. This is a double-edged blessing, because you will have an excuse to take it slow and easy because “hormones are acting up.” It’s perfectly okay to be lazy without people thinking you are lazy.

Allow your family and friends to dote on you. People love to cater to the pregnant mom so take advantage of it. Let them fetch you some food or drink while you put your feet up. The best thing you can do is rest. Maybe even schedule some extra pampering time for you at the spa or take a nice relaxing bath or a foot massage either by your spouse or by a professional.

Tip 1) Do not be afraid to ask for help for all the tasks you must do. So often moms think they must do it all even if they are worn out at the end of the day. Now is not the time to play martyr with your time and energy. Delegate tasks to others and reach out for help before you feel overwhelmed.

Remember the story about the tortoise? Slow and steady wins the race. The holidays aren’t about how fast you can accomplish everything. Take time to take a breath and slow your pace so you don’t wear out too fast.

Tip 2) Being pregnant gives you the best excuse for getting out of doing things you really don’t want to do. If you are invited to an event you don’t care to attend, feign pregnancy fatigue. Use it as an excuse to duck out early. People are more understanding with a pregnant mom and won’t think any less of you.

Tip 3) Take this time to consider holiday traditions. When you have a little one running around, you will want to create a time of year they will build good memories. Start when you’re pregnant and plan for the days when you can implement the new traditions or continue with old one.

pregnant-woman-eatingTip 4) Take the time during the holidays to talk with family and friends about names. You never know when someone may mention a name you hadn’t considered and would be perfect for your bundle of joy. During holiday gatherings, you’ll have time to sit and visit. Glean advice from those who have walked the mother path before you because you know you’re receiving it from trusted family and friends.

Tip 5) The holidays are all about food. Being pregnant means you probably enjoy food more now. Try to keep your heartburn in check by enjoying the rich holiday foods in moderation. You’ll be glad you took it slow on the food when you are able to rest without the reflux and heartburn. Another caveat you are eating for two and you do need an increase in calories, so it’s okay to indulge a little (if you aren’t diabetic). Just remember, keep it in moderation.

If you really want to keep the body from experiencing the heartburn that comes along with holiday cooking, especially if you are pregnant, here are some tips.

Tip 6) Think healthy foods. While the rich foods may look delicious, ask yourself if it would be a dish you’d choose if you’re aiming to eat healthier. With all the foods available during holiday meals, you are bound to have some good choices, choose wisely.

Keep in mind the caloric intake you need during pregnancy and try to stay within those bounds. A good rule of thumb for calories needed are this: Take your body weight and add a zero behind it and then add another two to three hundred. So if you weigh 130 pounds you’d add a zero making it 1300 and add another 200 to 300 making it 1500-1600 calories per day. Eating several smaller meals helps the body to digest with little issues than eating just a couple of big meals.

If you are trying to keep from gaining too much weight, watch the carb intake. Instead, choose the proteins like turkey or lean ham over pasta or potatoes. Make a plate and don’t over-fill it. Eat slowly and when the plate is clean determine if you really want or need seconds.

Speaking about food this year you can relax and feel comfortable since you are in maternity clothing. You won’t have to worry with fitting into those holiday fashions that may leave you feeling less than comfortable after a big meal. Go ahead and wear those yoga pants to Christmas dinner and get away with it!


Lori Ramsey (LA Ramsey) was born in 1966 in Twenty-Nine Palms, California. She grew up in Arkansas where she lives with her husband and six children!! She took the Famous Writers Course in Fiction from 1993-1996. She started writing fiction in 1996 and began writing non-fiction in 2001.

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