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Your Pregnant! How Will You Share the News?

So you discovered you are pregnant! Do you pick up the phone and call everyone you know, or wait for the perfect time? Here are some ideas on sharing the good news...

Who first will you share your pregnancy due date with?When you have discovered you are pregnant, you will soon start thinking of when and how to tell your family and friends. Some couples keep it a secret for a little while and others can’t wait to spread the news.

There are endless possibilities for fun and creative ways to share the news. Of course, you could just make the announcement at the next large family gathering and take care of it all at once. Some people prefer the more personal approach of telling friends and family members individually or in small groups.

Let your personality be your guide. If you love surprises and excitement, there are many creative and unique ways to tell your family and friends. If you are more reserved and don’t feel comfortable doing something huge, go with the subtle approach and just tell the people in your life in person or on the phone.

How to Tell:

Some couples use a little gift to tell grandparents or other family members. This can be a framed ultrasound picture, if you have had an ultrasound. A T shirt or mug that reads “I Love Grandma” or “I Love Grandpa” is a fun surprise for the future grandparents. Other engraved gifts or photo albums with Grandma or a similar expression are good ideas if you go the gift route.

A holiday theme works well if you are planning to tell your family around the holidays. A baby bootie inside an Easter egg, Christmas stocking or jack o lantern is a fun way to surprise the future grandparents and family members with the news.

For family members and friends who live far away, you may want to send an announcement or electronic greeting. Use your imagination and design an announcement or e mail announcement to send to your loved ones.

When to Tell:

There are a few different opinions concerning when to tell family and friends about the new baby. The decision is up to you and your partner. Some couples wait until the first trimester has passed, since the risk of miscarriage drops at this time. Often couples who have had a miscarriage in the past will wait longer to share the news the second time around.

Waiting until the threat of miscarriage has passed will prevent having to share the news of the miscarriage with so many people. Even worse, it prevents a friend from accidentally talking about the baby because she hasn’t heard about the loss. Sometimes women feel drained and don’t want to talk about it with all their friends and family. In this case, it makes sense to wait.

Maybe you can’t wait or don’t want to wait. That is fine too. Telling family and friends about the baby is an exciting time. Some couples can’t wait to shout it from the roof tops. For these couples, telling sooner is the best choice. In the event of a miscarriage, they are surrounded with plenty of love and support. In the end, it is up to you and your partner to make the best decision for your new little family.

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  • Yes, it is best to wait to tell people. There is nothing worse than telling everyone, then having to share sad news later. For high risk pregnancies, it is best to wait until after the triple screen and level II ultrasound. Of course, you can tell a couple close friends and family members, but it is generally best to wait.

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