Symptoms of Infertility

Infertility is a symptom and a disease by itself. You will not really find symptoms that will tell you that you are infertile. Here are some tell-tale signs.

There is No Real Infertility Symptom
Infertility is a symptom and a disease by itself. You will not really find symptoms that will tell you that you are infertile. The fact that you do not have children is a symptom by itself; as is the affliction as I would not call it a disease. Infertility is diagnosed only after a battery of tests is made as a result of which the doctor proclaims that it is not possible for you to have children.

Tell-tale Signs?

There are people (sometimes even doctors) who say that infertility may have some tell-tale signs, though you cannot really call any of them an infertility symptom:

1. Absence of the menstrual cycle – my mother used to say sometimes, “The periods are always damned: damned when they come, and damned when they don’t”. It is true that when your periods do not come it is a possible sign of infertility; it is also a sign of menopause, cancer, fibroids and many other afflictions. Not necessarily in that order.
2. Low body temperature during the first and/or last few days of the cycle may be indicative of too low female hormones in the blood, and hence a factor for infertility.
3. Absence of cervical fluid – it has been observed that the sperm cannot do anything on their own (like men!!); hence, they need a hand of help from the cervical fluid to make it to the egg. When the cervical fluid is absent or less, the sperm movement is heavily hampered, and hence infertility could be indicated.
4. Low and persistent pelvic pain – when women complain of pain in the lower pelvic area, this could mean that there could be fibroids, tumors or acute infections which would definitely go against conceiving.

As you can see not one of the above signs is an infertility symptom, but rather a possible indicator to the cause of your infertility. Anyway, you do not need to look for an infertility symptom after all. If you do not conceive within 6-12 months with unprotected sex, then you should go for a medical check up, and consult medical help. Most of the above indicators will be cleared or confirmed during the tests.

Hence, the best thing is to immediately consult a doctor when you are in doubt and not look for an infertility symptom to decide what you should or should not do in order to conceive. Actually, timing is one of the most critical factors in conceiving. The first baby should actually be conceived before the woman is 30 years old, for best results. If you plan it for later, make sure to plan for the complications too.

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