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Six Factors that Contribute to Male Infertility

Discussion of male infertility. 40 per cent of infertility problems are due to women. The remaining larger proportion is due to both partners, other factors or due to male infertility.

Decades ago, male infertility may have sounded like an oxymoron. People believed that women bear and rear the children, so if there are any ‘bearing’ problems, it must be because of the woman. However, studies in today’s day and age prove otherwise. 40 per cent of infertility problems are due to women. The remaining larger proportion is due to both partners, other factors or due to male infertility.

Meeting with a reproductive endocrinologist is the best way to determine male infertility and discuss options. Most often, after a detailed medical history and examination, the first plan of action for male infertility is to get a semen analysis done. But there are some things you can do even before your first visit that will help your doctor in coming up with a treatment plan.

You knew it was bad for your health, but now research proves that puffing cigarettes adversely affects male infertility too by lowering sperm count and motility (the percentage of active sperm).


Marijuana, antibiotics and even some over the counter fungal treatment medications may increase chances of male infertility. Always discuss any prescription and OTC drugs with your reproductive endocrinologist.


Exercise is good for you. Excessive exercise that heats up the scrotum area can lower the quality and quantity of sperm. Research has also shown that the age-old boxer versus briefs theory also plays a role in male infertility. These studies reported that boxers increase the quality and quantity of the sperm as compared to briefs because of the heat issue. Similarly, avoid Jacuzzis and saunas which increase the body temperature.


A high level of stress has shown to affect male infertility. Ejaculating too frequently or too infrequently could cause low sperm quality. Infrequent ejaculation leads to old, low-motility sperm. There is no magic number for men trying to have children, but digressing from your regular sexual activity by increasing or decreasing it drastically can have an adverse affect on male infertility.

Poor Nutrition
Women are often recommended to maintain healthy eating habits because they are the ones who will hopefully carry the child. However, nutritional well being can combat male infertility. A diet rich in Vitamin C can help the man and general healthier eating habits can help the couple and their entire family as it is always easier to adopt and maintain healthy habits if junk food is not available at home and your partner enjoys accompanying for an early morning walk or swim.

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