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Breastfeeding – Pros and Cons

One of the most important decisions for new moms to make is whether or not to breastfeed their newborn. While there are many advantages to breastfeeding, there are also some disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons...

Happy Mom breastfeeding her baby girlAnticipating the arrival of a new baby is an exciting experience. There are a number of preparations to be made, and many decisions to make. One of the most important decisions that parents have to make – especially mothers – has to do with the nourishment of the child. A mother must determine whether she will breastfeed her child, or feed her child through the use of a bottle.

I know how difficult that this type of decision is. I have been there, and had to make the decision as well. Here, I will expound on some of the pros and cons related to breastfeeding. I feel that it is important to know and understand these so that you can make a better informed decision overall.


Now, when it comes to the advantages of breastfeeding, there are many different ones. These advantages affect both the mother and the child. Many medical professionals feel as if breastfeeding is the right choice of nutrition for newborns. This is because of the fact that milk that comes from the breasts contains a high level of nutrients, vitamins, and other essentials that are beneficial to the health. Refer to the list below for a more detailed description of some of the pros of breastfeeding:

1. One of the most common issues that women experience after giving birth is getting all of the weight off that they have acquired while carrying the child. By breastfeeding, the body will naturally burn calories. This will result in less weight, and the extra weight to burn off more quickly.

2. One of the main issues that new parents experience is the many new expenses that are encountered when a child arrives. By breastfeeding, you can save a lot of money annually. There is actually no need to purchase formula when you breastfeed.

3. The next advantage to feeding your child by this method is that there is a lot of flexibility. If you want to feed directly from the breast, you can. If you want to pump the breasts and then store the milk in bottles for later feedings, you can do this as well. This makes feeding extremely simple and convenient.

4. It has been discovered, through scientific studies and medical case studies, that women who feed their child in this manner are less susceptible to developing serious health complications like breast cancer and even ovarian cancer.

5. The next advantage to breastfeeding a newborn child is that this is part of the natural bonding process. It is important to bond as early as possible, and breastfeeding starts on day one of the child’s life!

Believe it or not, there are actually some cons when it comes to breastfeeding. While these disadvantages can be easily over powered with the advantages, in order to make a decision on whether or not this is the right choice for you and your family, it is only best to consider these things as well. The following list details the disadvantages many have found while breastfeeding:

1. The first disadvantage is that when a mother breastfeeds, it puts a lot of pressure on her. Ultimately, as a mother, you will be responsible for every single feeding that your child experiences. Sure, it is true that you can pump the breasts in order to store milk and/or allow others to feed the baby; this can also prove to be a large hassle.

2. While breastfeeding, you may notice that you feel more tired than usual. This is because this drains a lot of energy from the body. In addition to this, you may start to experience dryness in the nipple area, as well as other aches and pains. These symptoms are generally relieved by various over-the-counter pain medications, but many do feel this is one of the down sides to feeding in this manner.

3. Those that wish to work from home or go back into the workforce may find it difficult to find time to do the things that they need to do on a daily basis. The average newborn feeds approximately three to four hours a day, and for the busy woman, this may prove to be a burden on the schedule.

4. Many women find it uncomfortable to breastfeed in front of other people. This means that special care and consideration should be made when going somewhere because you do not want to have to feed the child while you are away.

5. Breastfeeding has often been deemed as a difficult task to accomplish. Learning how to perform this can be a bit challenging and you may find yourself becoming upset or anxious as a result of it.


Breastfeeding is a very important consideration when it comes to the overall nutrition of a child. If you are considering the possibility of providing this type of nutrition to your child, you should weigh the pros and cons associated with the decision.

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