The Joy of Pregnancy

The joy of being pregnant really starts when you decide that the time is right to have a baby. As you begin to plan and think that this could be it, you actually skip that menstrual cycle, your heart does a little flutter and the hope within begins to grow. Here is what you have to look forward to.

by Jennifer Shakeel

pregnant woman with daughter enjoying afternoon at the parkMost little girls begin dreaming early on of being mommies and role-play for long periods of time with dolls. They dress them, change them, feed them and even burp them! They are always happy and smiling with their dolls and generally just showing love! It’s really a no wonder that when you first think of having a baby, you being to think of how wonderful if it will be when you are actually pregnant.

 The anticipation of pregnancy usually begins well before you really are pregnant. The joy of being pregnant really starts when you decide that the time is right to have a baby.  As you begin to plan and think that this could be it, you actually skip that menstrual cycle, your heart does a little flutter and the hope within begins to grow. You start to get excited and usually can’t wait to take that first pregnancy test. Most women are anxious and nervous all at the same time. As the test confirms your pregnancy, you swell with pleasure and delight. Now you get to share the news with the one you love.

 There is no greater feeling of love for your spouse or significant other, as you look them tenderly in the eye and say, “We’re pregnant!” There is such an immense feeling of joy and love and you feel closer than you have any other moment in time. There is such a wonderful bond being woven between the two of you that not only encompasses you both, but also this new child that you are creating together. Although the woman will carry this child, both of you are connected to this child as no other person in the world is and this enhances the feelings of intimacy and affection that you share. A husband looks at his wife with warmth and closeness and he sees her as the mother of his children.

 Although the first few months, or even after, can be rough physically for the woman, there are many beautiful changes that are occurring. During this time you will hear your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time! This is a moment that you will want to share together. It will be a time that you will find extreme pleasure in. It will bring smiles and joy to both of you and the anticipation of the child growing in you will also grow. This is one of those times during your pregnancy that you are filled with delight for the life that is beating and growing inside of you. Most mothers tend to want to hear that sound over and over again and fathers are in awe over the sound of that strong beating heart.

You both are filled with happiness as the first few months pass and you are ready to go the next milestone doctor’s visit. You’ve seen other ultrasound pictures, and you’ve waited for weeks to have yours. You wonder, “What will this child look like?” “How big will this child be now?” You have never had an ultrasound, or maybe you have had one with a previous child, but each time you have one is a totally different experience. Each child looks different. Each child will be doing different things when the ultrasound is being done. Many babies put their hands in front of their face, many are already sucking their thumbs and some will be kicking their feet up and down. No matter what your baby will be doing while that ultrasound is being done, you and your mate will be filled with a love that is incomprehensible. You will both see that bundle of joy, and be overwhelmed with another wave of eagerness to enjoy this child.

 Usually around the time of the first ultrasound, you will begin to feel some slight fluttering in your abdomen. You may not even feel it the first few time, and you might even think it is nothing or just some butterflies in your stomach. This is the first time you feel your baby move. At first it is gentle and light. You may feel this tender flutter frequently or just a few times, but each time you do feel it, the sensation gets stronger and stronger. Before you know it this small quiver begins to feel more like a kick, or an elbow. It is truly the most magical moment you have experienced yet in your pregnancy. You can’t wait to feel it again. You can’t wait for it to get stronger and more deliberate. This is a time when you want to share this feeling with all those you love. There will be times when you grab your husband’s hand and put it to your belly so that he can feel it too! No one can truly understand that magnificent feeling that is truly coming from inside, but it is something you and your husband will want to share together. Many husbands really love the feel of their child getting stronger and stronger in the womb. It helps them to connect with the child, and with their wives.

 You have gone from the exhilarating feeling of learning of your pregnancy, through the first few months of morning sickness, to the awesomeness of hearing the heartbeat and seeing your child through ultrasound, now is the time to actually hold and see your child. Although there can be aches and pains throughout pregnancy and during delivery, seeing your child will make all of those memories fade until they are in the distant past. You and your mate will gaze at that child, count his or her fingers, check out every little toe and peek and prod at every inch of that child in an effort to know this baby. You will revel in the joy that you have, not only with this child, but also for each other. Pregnancy is a joyful experienced that can be shared at every stage with both mother and father. Each parent can enjoy every aspect of pregnancy and if they do, it will bring them closer to each other and their newborn child.

Jennifer Shakeel is a writer and former nurse with over 12 years medical experience.  As a mother of two incredible children with one on the way, I am here to share with you what I have learned about parenting and the joys and changes that take place during pregnancy. Together we can laugh and cry and rejoice in the fact that we are moms!

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