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So, you are pregnant, Congratulations! Learning that you are expecting a new baby can be one of the most exciting events in your life. Here are some common pregnancy questions you may have.

Happy couple finding out they are pregnant!So, you are PREGNANT! Congratulations!! You are getting ready for a truely amazing journey. Learning that you are expecting a new baby can be one of the most exciting events in your life. As your body begins the changes that come along with pregnancy, there will be a lot of questions that you will be asking. Understanding the changes that your body is going through will help you deal with the symptoms that will invariably come along with your pregnancy. As you go through the first trimester, you may ask yourself what some of the physical changes are that your body will be going through. Being prepared will help you rest assured that things are going normal.

One of the first things most women notice to indicate pregnancy is a missed period. Although symptoms vary from woman to woman, your body will eventually stop having a period. Pregnancy tests can indicate pregnancy within days of the first missed period. If your body is on a very normal cycle and suddenly you don't have a period, you might want to look for other symptoms to follow soon.

If you know you are pregnant and experience bleeding, it may simply be implantation bleeding. This will usually happen about 14 days after conception, and will be more like spotting than a flow like a menstrual period. If you feel any concerns or experience heavy bleeding, please see your doctor right away.

We have all heard the stories about morning sickness. Each woman will have a different story. For some, it is virtually non-existent, while others are sick all day, every day for the entire pregnancy. Morning sickness can involve nausea and or vomiting, sometimes triggered by smells or tastes. Don't stress too much over your morning sickness, most women are through with this bout of illness by the end of the first trimester.

Ways to ease this condition include eating light meals, saltines and ginger ale. For extreme cases of morning sickness your doctor may be able to prescribe something to take the edge off.

Another common complaint with early pregnancy is fatigue. For some women this can be overwhelming, while others experience a small lag in energy. Some women experience unusual fatigue before they even realize they are pregnant – within one week after conception! Why? Well, think about how hard your body is working in order to produce the right hormones, with a much faster heart rate to keep up with the increased blood production delivering nutrients to the new baby.

Progesterone is the hormone that contributes to early pregnancy exhaustion. This is your body's way or protecting itself. Make sure to rest, and don't feel bad for taking that afternoon nap or getting to bed at eight pm. Relish it, because after the new baby is here you might not get a full night's sleep for a very long time.

Getting enough rest and taking prenatal vitamins will help you survive the first semester. Much like morning sickness, most women experience this extreme fatigue mainly early on. By the forth month, most women will find a renewed sense of energy and well being.

As if nausea and exhaustion weren't enough, your body isn't through with you yet. Being pregnant can also cause other symptoms as well.

One of the first things that women may notice when they suspect they are pregnant are tender breasts. Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to even sit still or wear a bra, while other women breeze through this. This is due to the hormone production. Your body is getting your breasts prepared for future milk production.

While it might seem better to go without a bra, it is actually better to find a supportive bra that will help support your breasts will actually alleviate the pain. Your breasts are going to go through several size changes as your pregnancy progresses and after you begin nursing.

While more trips to the bathroom is the most noticeable at the end of pregnancy, your expanding uterus is full of fluids from the first trimester. Don't stress over these extra trips to the restroom… you will get back to normal after your baby is born. Until then, just make sure you get to the bathroom on time as your uterus expands.

Perhaps the most talked about part of any pregnancy is the strange cravings. Many stories follow the children into adulthood, as women recall the bizarre combinations they ate while pregnant. For some women, it might not be a craving, but an aversion.

Some women will discover they crave foods they didn't like prior to pregnancy (for me this was ranch dressing), while others will totally lose a taste for foods. This bizarre occurrence seems to be harmless, and may in fact be your body's hint that you are lacking certain nutrients. As long as you aren't eating chalk or dirt (women really do this!) then don't worry about it too much, but if it gets out of control make sure to let your doctor know what you have been eating.

Every woman's pregnancy is a special sacred time. Write down all the things as they happen so you can recount your pregnancy with your children as they grow. Each pregnancy will be different, so you can't expect a repeat performance with subsequent children. A pregnancy journal or pregnancy scrapbook will make it memorable not only for you, but for your child also.

Treasure the few months you are given to bond with your baby on the inside – and relish all the pampering you will get as a pregnant woman. These months are for you, because after this it will be all about baby. I have had four children, and enjoyed each pregnancy for different reasons – and dealt with the early pregnancy symptoms differently with each baby. You will make it through, even though you might be too tired to roll over right now. That little bundle will be worth all the changes your body goes through!!

None of the above information is meant to replace medical advice or common sense. As always it is important during this exciting time to have a close relationship with your doctor or midwife, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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