Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Pregnancy brings out a woman's natural beauty, and while the weight gain and growing belly may be frustrating, take this opportunity to enjoy the sexy and wonderful things that happen to your body.

pregnancy beauty tipsPerhaps before you even realized you were pregnant, people commented on your “glow”. Pregnancy brings out a woman’s natural beauty, and while the weight gain and growing belly may be frustrating, take this opportunity to enjoy the sexy and wonderful things that happen to your body. It’s less work than ever to get some of the looks you have been working for anyway! That natural skin’s glow is because your body is working overtime on blood production to have enough for two. To keep that glow looking great, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized every day, and to exfoliate one or two times a week as well. This will enhance the natural glow and prevent splotchy spots from showing.

Make sure to keep wearing sunscreen as well. Your face (and the rest of your body) need protection from the sun’s rays. Not just during pregnancy, but it’s more important with your sensitive skin.

Now that your body is pregnant, it seems everything is growing, besides that belly. Your hair may be growing quickly too. Now is a time to practice with a new hairstyle (keep in mind once baby’s born low maintenance is best, but now is time to have fun!). If your hair is long, go bold with a short cut. This will make your eyes and face the focus of attention. If your hair is short, it won’t take long to let it grow out so you can have fun with the clips and braids.

When considering a new color, use caution in your choices. Some doctors advise against coloring your hair since the harsh chemicals can be absorbed into your skin. It is more advisable to highlight your hair so that the color doesn’t touch your scalp. Another options would be to use a vegetable based hair dye, which has less chemicals than the old fashioned types.

Your breasts will also be growing, and your new bust line can be a source of attractiveness. If you haven’t really worn low cut tops, go for something that shows your cleavage just a little. Make sure that you have a well fitted bra that lifts your breasts as well, so they aren’t resting on your pregnant belly. This will make your breasts and your belly more attractive.

Ah! Fingernails are experiencing a surge in growth as well. This is wonderful, except that it seems your nails are growing faster than your polish lasts. While pregnant, consider going with a clear or very faint polish – or perhaps even just a buff to make them shine. This way it won’t be as noticeable when your nail polish chips.

The natural look is very in style right now. Keep your nails semi-short with a squared off tip with rounded edges. Your nails will be stronger than usual and won’t chip as easily when you are pregnant.

If you treat yourself to a manicure, simply add a top coat every second day to make it last longer. When you go back, you can save money by doing a simple polish change. This is a lot less expensive than doing a full manicure, and it’s a great way to keep your polish updated.

With your beautiful belly, you will want to accentuate it with some simple maternity clothes. Your belly is a fashion statement in itself, so you don’t have to shop for loud and crazy outfits. Go for simple, straight lines. Accentuate with some nice pieces of jewelry or a scarf to give some visual impact to your outfit.

This means you have to spend less on maternity clothes – and trust me. No matter how much you think you need a new outfit the last two weeks, save your money for postpartum shopping. Having basic clothing makes it easier to dress up when you are sick to death of wearing the same thing for three months!

Stretch marks are an inevitable result for most women during pregnancy. While some women seem to avoid this problem, they can become severe for others. There are several products you can use that are good at keeping stretch marks at bay. Read up to find which product will work best for you. Palmers Body Butter and Bio Oil are two good options, you just have to make sure to apply it religiously once or twice a day. Beginning before stretch marks show will be the best, but both products are said to help alleviate them even if you wait.

Being pregnant is such a short lived treat. Even with all the inevitable aches, pains and physical changes, your body is beautiful because it is performing a miracle. Stop to consider how wonderful it is that your body is designed to create and nurture the tiny miracle that will come out after a few short months. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, and don’t be afraid to feel sexy and beautiful as you flaunt that new baby belly.

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